T-MAX pro-6 people 1200 meters group talk

Product Features

Travel Adaptor: DC 5V 1A         BT. Version:5.0+EDR

Frequency: 2.4 GHZ             Weight: 55.2g

Battery model: 802532          Capacity: 600mAh

Standby: 1 month               Voltage:3.7V

Music time:15 hours             Power: 2.22WH

Phone talking/Intercom time: 17 hours

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  • Introduce

    1.This product is group Intercom headset, can realize group Intercom between motorcycle and motorcycle. Support 6 people intercom, distance reached 1200 meters, between the two riders maximum intercom distance of 500 meters.

    2.You can control two mobile phone operations at the same time, such as: Automatic Answer, call, answer, reject, hang up, voice dialing.

    3.Can Be achieved in the call, Intercom, listening to music between the automatic switching work mode, priority mobile phone calls. Automatically switch to cell phone answering mode, while automatically resume the intercom state after hanging up.

    4.Support for staying connected to smartphones, MP3 players and GPS navigation systems.

    5.DSP ECHO cancellation and noise simulation technology can ensure high-speed driving, clear voice quality.

    6.Durable design, with waterproof, Sunscreen, dustproof and other performance.

    7.Carry the radio function.

    8.Supports Connection to most other Bluetooth Intercom Systems.



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