FX series-6 person 1000m group Intercom

Product Features

Bluetooth version: 5.0 EDR     Frequency: 2.4 Ghz

Weight: 47g                 Capacity: 100 Mah

Standby time: 1 month        Voltage: 3.7 V

Intercom Time: 30 hours       Power: 4.18 WH

Mobile phone calls: 25 hours   Battery Model: 802060

Type of battery: rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery

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    FX Is a full-duplex Group Chat Bluetooth System, using an all-in-one appearance manufacturing process, ultra-thin body, such as feather travel comfort, suitable for half/open/full helmet, almost compatible with all brands and models of helmet. The most important is that it can achieve group chat between motorcycles, let you in the whole process of riding with your teammates for convenient communication.


    1.Can realize motorcycle front and back seat, or between motorcycle and motorcycle direct full duplex talk. Support 6 person Intercom, the distance reaches 1000 meters, the maximum intercom distance between two riders is 500 meters.

    2.Support one-button music sharing, riders and backseat, riders and riders between the music sharing.

    3.Can Be achieved in the call, Intercom, listening to music between the automatic switching work mode, priority mobile phone calls. Automatically switch to cell phone answering mode, while automatically resume the intercom state after hanging up.

    4.You can connect to your phone/MP3/GPS via Bluetooth and listen to music on the device. Can freely control the music pause, play, the next song.

    5.DSP ECHO cancellation and noise simulation technology can ensure high-speed driving, clear voice quality.

    6.Durable design, with waterproof, Sunscreen, dustproof and other performance.

    7.Carry the radio function.

    8.Three-way connection supported, two-man Intercom switching.

    9.A Bluetooth radio between the rider and the person in the back seat of a motorcycle or between the rider and the rider.



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