R1 Bluetooth WiFi recorder

Product Features

Standby time: 12 days Bluetooth version: 5.0

Lens resolution: 1080p charging time: about 2 hours

Power adapter: DC 5V / 1A battery capacity: 27

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R1 Bluetooth WiFi recorder
  • Parameters
  • Introduce

    1. This product has the functions of video recording, capture and WiFi transmission and viewing;

    2. Two mobile phones can be connected at the same time. After connecting the mobile phone, the following operations can be carried out: automatically connect the phone, answer, reject, hang up and voice call;

    3. It can automatically switch the working mode between mobile phone calls and listening to music, and limit mobile phone calls.

    When there is an incoming call while listening to music, it will automatically switch to the mobile phone answering mode, and automatically return to the intercom or music state after the call is over;

    4. You can connect your mobile phone / MP3 / GPS via Bluetooth and listen to music on the device. It can control the pause, play, up / down and volume of music;

    5. DSP echo cancellation and noise simulation technology can ensure clear voice quality when driving at high speed;

    6. Waterproof grade: IP65;

    7. The walkie talkie can be connected through the distributed k-head walkie talkie control line.





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