It is said that the reason why many people don't wear Bluetooth helmets is here

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1. The bicycle helmet is too heavy!

Ranger: look, you haven't worn a Bluetooth helmet. Now the helmet is very light.

It is said that many people don't wear Bluetooth helmets for the following reasons

2. If I don't ride fast, I don't need a Bluetooth helmet

Cyclist: today's "road killer" (refers to all kinds of people who drive on the road without mastering driving skills and endanger the safety of others.) So much, you know

3. Bicycle helmets are too expensive

Ranger: it's much cheaper and painless than the scalp suture and medicine you get in the emergency room. (besides, moon helmets are not expensive at all. They are safe, breathable and cost-effective ~)

4. Bluetooth helmet will mess up my hair

Ranger: Yes, that's true. However, if you drop a car without a bicycle helmet, you may really break your head. You can choose: a day with messy hair or a lifetime with a rotten head.

5. It looks ugly

Ranger: come on! Wearing a Bluetooth helmet, you will look professional, drivers will respect you, give you more riding space, and you can be handsome. Moreover, according to the rider's visual observation, the return rate of wearing a Bluetooth helmet is many percentage points higher than that of not wearing a helmet.

6. Wearing a bicycle helmet is too hot

Rider: there are many cooling holes on the helmet, and there are too many ventilation holes. It won't be hot.

7. If I don't ride on the busy road, I don't need a helmet

Great Xia: This is a terrible mistake. Only 10% of bicycle injuries are related to cars. Because falling over a stone, rolling into a pit and other problems are more likely, these accidents may occur on any road.

8. I never fall off the car

Ranger: maybe not for the time being. Everyone falls into a car sometimes, and some serious injuries are caused by falling into a car at one time. Don't take chances.

9. Wearing a helmet looks ridiculous

Cyclist: there are many colors and designs of bicycle helmets now. You can find a helmet that makes you look very handsome.

10. None of my friends wear Bluetooth helmets

Ranger: maybe your friend doesn't know the importance of helmets. If you are the first one among your friends to realize this problem and lead to wear helmets, think about how excited you would be if a friend fell off his car and saved his life by learning to wear helmets from you. Right?

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